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Title: Kawaii
Chapter: 1/?
Fandom: Super Junior, Hongo Kanata
Pairing: HeeChul/Kanata
Rating: um...I'll get back to you on that. ^^; right now it's just PG.
Summary: HeeChul has a cute new costar (I think we've established that I suck at summaries, yes?)
WARNINGS: no idea ^^; I'm kind of making this up as I go along.
Notes: I'm letting my muses run things this time, therefore, it's unlikely that this fic will make much sense. ^^;
Oh, and about the occasionally butchered names... I'm doing it on purpose, because it's fun to play with Korean names in a Japanese accent XD So Kanata does cute things like drop the "Kyung" in HanKyung's name and just calls him "Han-san", because there's no "ng" sound in Japanese, and he calls HeeChul "HeeCharu-nii" (nii is basically like "hyung") because he can't pronounce the "l" properly...things like that.

Kanata was in heaven. Not only was he starring in a drama in another country, but he was making tons of friends - and one of them was Chinese! Granted, he didn't speak Chinese any better than he spoke Korean, but it was nice to know he wasn't the only foreigner there.

"Ni hao!" Thanking his lucky stars that he'd learned a little Chinese for Moon Child back in the day, he bounced up to the dancer - Han...something. He decided to just stick to calling him Han-san - and grinned up at him.

HanKyung blinked, staring at the adorable little boy in front of him. When it registered that said adorable little boy had greeted him in his native language, he glomped him and started rambling on and on in Chinese, ecstatic to finally meet someone who understood him.

Kanata's grin turned into a semi-awkward smile, but he returned the hug enthusiastically, figuring Han-san didn't need to know that he was only catching every third or fourth word. He was sure he'd pick up on the rest in no time.

A few seconds later, the Japanese boy was somewhat surprised to feel a firm grip on his shoulder, yanking him out of Han-san's embrace. Then he realized the one pulling him back was HeeCharu-nii, and he smiled, waving.

HeeChul didn't return the smile, instead glaring at HanKyung as he tugged Kanata closer to him and snapped something in Korean. The two argued for a moment, and it was making poor Kanata very uncomfortable, so he decided to solve everything himself.

Smiling innocently, he blinked his big brown eyes up at his costar and whined, "Hyon~!"

HeeChul stopped mid-word and glanced down at Kanata, smiling despite himself. "Kawaii... It's pronounced hyung, silly."

Kanata beamed at the compliment, pleased that HeeCharu-nii had said it in Japanese, and turned to a somewhat perplexed Han-san, decalring in thickly accented Chinese, "It's okay! We'll talk later!"

Problem solved. HeeCharu-nii gently guided him away to meet some of his other friends, leaving Han-san with a gigantic smile on his face. Kanata grinned to himself, idly wondering if the rest of HeeCharu-nii's friends were as cuddly as the dancer. They kind of reminded him of Hyde...

Two hours and a few more charmed pop stars later, Kanata was perched on HeeChul's bed, staring up at him innocently as they went over some of their lines. He figured it was a good thing to do, since they were scheduled to start filming the next day, and he was still having a little bit of trouble with his Korean. As it was, they communicated mostly with extravagant hand motions, and even had to resort to charades now and then when they just couldn't seem to get their point across vocally.


"Hyung," HeeChul corrected gently, smiling.

"...Hyon...gu?" He wrinkled his nose, deciding he didn't like how that sounded. "I'll never get these lines right."

"Sure you will!" The older boy flopped down on the bed, hugging him. "You said that just fine. Besides, everyone knows you're a foreigner, so they'll understand if you have trouble at first."

Kanata pouted. He didn't want to be treated like a baby, just because he was a gaijin. He'd gotten that on the set of Moon Child, even though most of the people in it were Japanese, and he'd gotten it on the set of Silk. He was sick of people walking on eggshells around him just because he was Japanese.

"Come on, man!" HeeChul coaxed, using the English he'd learned on Super Junior Full House before realizing Kanata spoke less English than he did. Fidgeting slightly, he switched back to Korean, making sure to speak slowly. "Don't be like that. You're much cuter when you smile!"

As if those words were magic, Kanata smiled, hugging HeeChul. "You're so nice, HeeCharu-nii."

HeeChul laughed. "That sounds so weird... You still can't say HeeChul?"

He tried, he really did. Unfortunately, the jumbled nonsense that came out was nothing like HeeChul's name. With an exasperated sigh, he cursed under his breath and stood. "I'm going to bed. Oyasumi, HeeCharu-nii."

Suddenly, long, skinny arms wound around his waist and he was tugged back against a warm body. For a moment, he was annoyed that he was so much shorter than the older man, but he shoved it aside, knowing he was probably just grouchy because he was tired and frustrated.

"Hey, this might sound weird, but... Sleep here?"

Kanata stiffened, surprised, and HeeChul immediately released him, mumbling a quiet apology in Japanese. Realizing he'd been misunderstood, the boy turned and smiled at him. "No no, gu-ee...ano... gu-ee-n-cha... Gwenchana!" He grinned, pleased with himself. "It's okay, HeeCharu-nii! I was just surprised."

HeeChul grinned, ruffling Kanata's hair. "See? Your Korean's getting better already! So, um..." He held his arms out to his sides, smiling somewhat nervously at the boy. He wanted someone to cuddle with, but he didn't want to scare Kanata away.

"Yeah, sure." Kanata rolled his eyes, snickering. "I'll be your teddy bear. Mou... I swear, sometimes I really wonder which one of us is older."

"Oh please! I don't want to hear that from a midget like you!"

"Hyung!" Kanata pouted. "I'm not a midget! I'm still growing..." He blinked when he was suddenly glomped, nearly suffocating in HeeChul's tight embrace. He tapped on the older boy's shoulder urgently, gasping out, "AIR!"

"Oh, sorry!" Smiling sheepishly, he backed off, ruffling Kanata's hair again.

"Mou... You're that happy that I'm willing to cuddle with you?"

He shook his head, watching the teen fix his hair. "No! I mean, yeah, but... You said it right!"


HeeChul grinned. "You said 'hyung'!"

"...I did?" Kanata blinked again, the shrugged. "Cool."

HeeChul hugged him, making sure the boy could still breathe this time. "No more whining that you'll never get your lines right, you hear me? You're doing just fine. Besides, it's all memorization! You don't need to know what you're actually saying."

Kanata frowned, shoving him away. "I understood that well enough, jerk!"


Annoyed by his costar's triumphant smirk, the teen did the first thing he could think of to smother it: He leaned up, draped his arms over HeeCharu-nii's bony shoulders, and kissed him right on those smirking lips.

HeeChul broke the kiss with a surprised gasp, then smirked again. "Damn, you Japanese boys move fast."

Growling, Kanata turned and walked away, deciding to sleep on the couch.
Tags: chapter fic, fanfic, heechul, kanata, kawaii, pg, super junior
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