Kurai (a_d_d_crackbaby) wrote,

Title: Kawaii
Chapter: 4/?
Fandom: Super Junior, Hongo Kanata
Pairing: HeeChul/Kanata
Rating: PG/PG13... might eventually get up to R
Summary: HeeChul has a cute new costar (I think we've established that I suck at summaries, yes?)
WARNINGS: just more weirdness ^^; and it gets a little serious for a bit...
Notes: Apologies for the random Invader ZIM joke in the beginning ^^; Couldn't resist...
Also, the cute (or at least, it was supposed to be cute ^^; lol) scene towards the end was inspired by this adorable pic. <3 Nashi's just too freaking cute...

HeeChul stifled a yawn as he stumbled out into the living room and flopped down on the couch next to Kanata. "Whatcha watchin'?"

"Angry monkey."

"What?" He raised an eyebrow, staring at the screen. "...I don't see a monkey, Kanata. I see a chick and four guy-oh hey that's YOU!"

Kanata laughed. "Stunning observation, Sherlock." He settled back in his seat, unconciusly curling up against HeeChul. "This is one of the more recent dramas I was in; Himitsu no Hanazono."

Deciding he wasn't even going to bother trying to pronounce the title, HeeChul watched in silence for a moment, then smirked. "Why do you always play such grumpy characters?"

"Hinata's not grumpy! He's just..." he pouted, keeping his eyes fixed on the screen. "Quiet."

"He's grumpy." HeeChul grinned. "Are you even capable of smiling on cam-What was that?!" As if on cue, Kanata's character offered a bitter parody of a smile, and HeeChul burst out laughing. "That was quite the Herculean effort! Did you have a stomachache or something?"

Kanata rolled his eyes, whacking the older boy in the face with a pillow. "You're such a jerk. And stop quoting yourself!"

"What do you mean?"

"Herculean effort?" He snorted, smirking. "I remember you saying that in Attack on the Pinup Boys."

HeeChul blinked, surprised. "You saw that?"

"...Shin-san made me watch it with him."

"Shin...-san? Oh! You mean ShinDong?" HeeChul raised an eyebrow. "When did you ever hang out with him?"

Kanata shrugged dismissively. "A while ago. Around when the first episode aired, I think."

The other young man laughed. "And he made you watch our movie?"

"Yeah..." He smirked again. "It made me want to empty the litter box onto your face."


They both laughed at that, then lapsed into comfortable silence, simply enjoying each other's company as they watched the rest of the episode. Luckily for HeeChul, it was subtitled.

Luckily for Kanata, HeeChul was completely absorbed in the story, and didn't say a word until it was over.

"That wasn't bad." He stood and stretched, smiling down at Kanata. "You weren't in it nearly enough, though."

Kanata rolled his eyes, getting up and heading for the kitchen. "I was in almost every scene."

"Ah, but you weren't in every scene, just almost every scene!" HeeChul grinned and hugged the smaller boy from behind. "Therefore, you weren't in it nearly enough."

"Yeah, whatever. Get off me."

HeeChul pouted, hopping up on the counter. "I liked you better when you were all shy and cute. When did you get so moody?"

"When I got to know you better. Get out of my way."

"Hey, it's my apartment!" Still, he obediently slid off the counter so the other boy could get into the cabinet.

Kanata shrugged as he pulled out two bowls of instant ramen. "I could just let you make your own food."

HeeChul bowed. "Thank you very much for taking care of me!"

"That's what I thought." Smirking, Kanata heated up some water and poured it into the bowls, handing one to HeeChul before he went back into the living room to sit down and eat.

"So why were you watching your own drama?"

Surprised, Kanata nearly choked on his ramen. "Eh?"

HeeChul snickered. "That drama from earlier. Why were you watching a show you were in?" He grinned, leaning forward. "And people think I have a big ego."

"That's not it!" Kanata stared into the styrofoam bowl like it held all the answers, mumbling, "It was the only Japanese show I could find..."

The older boy's eyes widened in realization. He's homesick... He just barely stopped himself from wincing in sympathy, only just then having realized how lonely and uncomfortable Kanata must have been for the past few weeks.

Deciding to distract the boy from his sadness, HeeChul smirked and teasingly replied, "No need to get your panties in a twist over it. I was just kidding."

Kanata rolled his eyes. "For crying out loud! I'm a GUY - I wear boxers!"

"HA!" HeeChul leaped to his feet, waving his chopsticks at him. "I knew I'd get it out of you eventually!"

"..." Once again, Kanata felt and overwhelming urge to beat his - or HeeChul's - head against a wall. You'd think I'd know better by now... "Hurry up and eat. It's getting cold."

HeeChul grinned as he watched the red-faced teen dig into his ramen with a vengeance. Mission accomplished.

"Ah... I'm grateful for days off, but I never know what to do..."

Kanata immediately perked up, setting the now empty bowl on the floor. "Can we go see Han-san? I promised him when we met that we could talk later, but I never got the chance..."

HeeChul twitched. "HanKyung? Um... He's..." Excuse... Excuse... Got it! "He's heading back to China today, so he's probably busy."

"Sou ka..." the Japanese boy slumped back against the couch, looking like a kicked puppy.

Ah hell... "Well... I guess we could at least pop in and say hi."

Kanata perked up again, and HeeChul couldn't help imagining him with floppy dog ears and a tail, which he knew would be wagging vigerously at that moment. "Really?" He grinned, jumping to his feet and yanking on HeeChul's arm. "Alright, let's go!"

"Maybe you should just move in with him..." HeeChul's sour grumbling went completely unnoticed by Kanata as he tugged the older boy out the door, almost forgetting to stop and put his shoes on.

"Han-san!" Kanata was grinning from ear to ear as he bounced into HanKyung's apartment, arms out to the sides as if he was flying. "Ni hao!"

HanKyung laughed and hugged the young actor tightly, completely oblivious to HeeChul's Death Glare. Without warning, he got a firm grip on Kanata's slim waist and lifted him up, spinning around as he chattered excitedly in rapid-fire Chinese.

Kanata tried to ask him to slow down, but all that came out was hysterical laughter.

HeeChul never moved from the doorway, arms crossed over his chest as he watched them. After a few minutes, however, he simply couldn't take it anymore and walked out, heading back to his own apartment.

Oblivious, HanKyung set Kanata down and guided him over to the couch, still talking, though he got the hint from the Japanese boy's lack of response and spoke much more slowly, occasionally switching back to Korean when it was clear that Kanata had no idea what he was talking about.

"...Eh? HeeCharu-nii wa?" Kanata glanced around, having just noticed that they were alone. When he saw the confused look on HanKyung's face, he laughed softly and repeated his question in Korean. "Where's HeeChul hyung?"

HanKyung blinked, somewhat surprised. "He's at home, isn't he?"

The younger boy frowned. "He came over with me. I wonder why he left..."

"Dunno..." HanKyung shrugged, though he had a feeling he knew why his best friend had left without saying anything.

"I should go check on him."

Before the dancer could say anything, Kanata was on his feet, bowing politely. "I'll be sure to come see you again when you get back from China. Have fun visitng home, and come back soon, okay?" With one last sweet smile, he bolted out the door, hoping HeeChul was okay.

"China? But I don't leave til next week." HanKyung frowned in confusion, then sighed, shaking his head. "Oh, HeeChul..."

I was going to keep going, but I figured there had already been enough drama in this chapter. XD can't have the whole thing turning all serious on us, now can we? So you'll have to wait til chapter 5 to find out what happens between Kanata and HeeChul. Mwaha XD

Tags: chapter fic, fanfic, heechul, kanata, kawaii, pg-13, super junior
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