Kurai (a_d_d_crackbaby) wrote,

Title: Kawaii
Chapter: 5/?
Fandom: Super Junior, Hongo Kanata
Pairing: HeeChul/Kanata
Rating: PG/PG13... might eventually get up to R
Summary: HeeChul has a cute new costar (I think we've established that I suck at summaries, yes?)
WARNINGS: crack, crack, and more crack. a little drama in the beginning, some mild swearing, and did I mention crack? XD
Notes: I...have no explanation. This is what happens when Kurai has absolutely no plan for a story at all. ^^;

As always, a BIG thank you to ivy_snowe, crimeis, sleepingtensai, my little sister, and my friends for putting up with all my ranting and actually liking this piece of crap crack. XD

"HeeCharu-nii?" Kanata flopped down on the bed next to HeeChul, causing him to jump in surprise.

Wiping furiously at his eyes, HeeChul sat up and stared at the bed, mumbling, "That was quick. I thought you wanted to hang out with HanKyung."

"Well, yeah... But not without you, baka." Kanata bit his lip, leaning forward as he tried to get HeeChul to look him in the eye. "Hyung, what's wrong? Why were you crying?"

"I wasn-"

"Don't lie." He grinned, but it didn't quite reach his eyes. "You really suck at it."

Instead of responding, HeeChul turned and buried his face in his pillow, wondering what it would take to get Kanata to leave until he could get his emotions back under control.

"You... You like Han-san, don't you?" Kanata stared at the older boy, hoping it wasn't terribly obvious how much the idea hurt him. He was surprised, to say the least, when HeeChul burst out laughing.

Shaking his head in dismay, HeeChul sat up again. "You're so stupid, kid." He cut Kanata off when he started to protest, ruffling the boy's hair. "That's ok. It's cute."

The younger boy pouted. "You're such a jerk. I came back because I was worried about you, and you call me stupid!"

"You were worried about me?" HeeChul smirked to hide the warm fuzzy feeling he got in his chest as he heard that. "That's sweet."

Kanata rolled his eyes, getting up and heading for the door. "Yeah, whatever. I'm gonna go get some ice cream."

"Yah!" HeeChul grinned. "Get me some, too."

"Get your own!"

He pouted. "Fine then, I'll just steal yours."

With a dramatic sigh, Kanata stopped at the door and turned. "What flavor, jerk?"

Instantly, HeeChul's smirk returned. "Cherry."

"Hentai." Snickering to himself at the look of confusion on the Korean boy's face, Kanata walked out, debating whether he should actually get HeeChul his own ice cream or not.

In the end, he decided waiting on HeeChul was better than getting his ice cream stolen, though it took him a while to get images of some of the other things ice cream could be useful for out of his head. Cursing puberty in every language he knew a swear in, he started to bring the bowls into the bedroom, until he realized HeeChul was curled up on the couch, staring at the TV as if in a trance.

He just barely stopped himself from laughing when he realized that the show that held HeeChul enthralled was a rerun of the episode of Himitsu no Hanazono they'd watched together earlier.

"Take your damn ice cream, jerk."

HeeChul jumped, blushing slightly, and snatched the bowl out of Kanata's hands, mumbling, "Took you long enough."

"It's not my fault you were too busy staring at my ass on TV to notice the real thing was standing right in front of you." He flopped down on the couch next to HeeChul, amused when he noticed that his costar's eyes had drifted down to said body part, before snapping back up.

"I wasn't staring at your ass." HeeChul grinned, turning his attention to his ice cream. "Why would I bother, when my own is so much cuter?"

Kanata laughed. "Like you can see your own ass."

"I can! See?" He set his ice cream down and stood, turning in circles as he tried to demonstrate.

"Yeah whatever." Kanata grinned, grabbing HeeChul by the seat of his pants and tugging him back to the couch. "Sit down, Narcissus."

HeeChul huffed, picking his ice cream back up. "You're just jealous that your butt's not as pretty as mine."

"He actually thinks he has a cuter butt than I do!" Kanata crossed his arms over his chest as he ranted to ShinDong, trying not to laugh.

ShinDong snorted, glancing at HeeChul with a raised eyebrow. "Rella, what have you been smoking? You have no butt."

HeeChul grinned. "Why were you looking?"

"Why are we talking about butts?" DongHae stared at them like they'd just said there was no such thing as aliens.

"Because HeeChul thinks his is cuter than Kanata's," SungMin informed him helpfully, smiling.

Kanata immediately turned his back to DongHae and pulled his pants tight against his rear. "What do you think?"

"I DON'T WANNA LOOK AT YOUR BUTT!" DongHae wailed, covering his eyes and ignoring his laughing friends.

KyuHyun grinned, draping an arm across DongHae's shoulders. "Aww, come on, hyung! You stare at Henry's butt all the time!"

Henry nearly choked on his soda, quickly setting it down as he glanced sharply at DongHae. "You do?"

"NO!" The boy in question pointed an accusing finger at his chuckling dongsaeng. "He's making it up!"

"Uh-huh. Sure." Henry raised an eyebrow, smirking. "I'm locking the bathroom door from now on. God knows how many times you've peeked at me in the shower, pervert."


Kanata was literally rolling at this point, having lost his balance and fallen over from laughing too hard. "Oh god..." Gasping for breath, he tried to sit up, took one look at DongHae's indignant red face, and fell over again, laughing hysterically.

HeeChul smirked, watching him. "You guys, chill. You're gonna kill the kid."

"KyuHyun, I hate you so much." Pouting, DongHae stood and ran to the other side of the room to sulk in peace.

KyuHyun grinned, tugging Zhou Mi into his lap. "That's okay. Zhou Mi loves me, don't you baby?"

The Chinese boy snickered, draping himself all over KyuHyun. "Oh yeah. Me love you long time..."

At that, Henry and HanKyung, who had just walked in the door, joined Kanata on the floor.

EeTeuk looked on from the doorway to the kitchen, the picture of calm and collected, though if one looked closely, they would see him twitching with barely contained laughter.

"Oh man..." Finally, Kanata managed to push himself to his feet, and even helped Henry and HanKyung up. Holding his aching side, he turned to HeeChul, still giggling. "I love your friends."

HeeChul's smirk widened. "Just wait til YehSung gets here."

Tags: chapter fic, fanfic, heechul, kanata, kawaii, pg-13, super junior
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